Today is Monday and my arms are bruised and my back is super sore.

Bands I saw:
Adapt, So Many Wizards, Business Cats, The Babies, The Urinals, Black Elephant, Grass Widows, Pangea, La Sera, Lovely Bad Things, Tijuana Panthers, and Vivian(fucking)Girls
Cheap. Super sweet deal. Back in January I saw Ugly Kids, Business Cats, Lovely Bad Things, Cosmonauts, and Tijuana Panthers for 10$. To see them all together again and MORE for 12$. DEAL.
Glasshouse security are my favorite. Maybe I’m a bit bias because they are the homies. Just listen to them and they will save you from the mosh pit. They also warn you where the crowd surfers are.. Watch your cabeza!
I really enjoyed being part of the chaotic crowd in Aladdin then switching to a roomy A/Ced Glasshouse. Total 180 and only around the corner from each other.
Sweet set times! I got to see every band I wanted to see without missing out on anything
Burger Records were there to sell awesome goodies
If you had a plastic bottle, Aladdin Jr refills it for you. (it was tap water blah, but it was so cold and good after being in Aladdin Jr for Pangea and Lovely Bad Things)
Tijuana Panthers were selling chapstick and patches
Early birds got CANDY (nomnom) and some lucky kids got more! (A friend of mine got a cassette tape)
VIVIAN GIRLS CAME OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHERE WAS THE ICE COLD WATER? Switch could’ve been making bank selling some ice cold water. I was thirsty as hell after Vivian Girls…
Lack of security at Aladdin Jr. Some people were able to see the bands playing for free…
Pangea was so chaotic that they stopped letting people in. Some of my friends were unable to see them because of that 😦
Last minute announcement about 21+ at Joey’s BBQ. I REALLY WANTED TO SEE UGLY KIDS
I missed Cosmonauts… but I saw Vivian Girls instead!
Jesus lovers outside protesting. Haters gonna hate.
Poop that fat guy constantly crowd surfing during Lovely Bad Things. Poor kids who attempted to catch him.
Pangea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bit my tongue and I still can’t feel half of it… Maybe I should get it checked?
New Folks playing outside. I recognized the drummer from Thee Rain Cats.
The privilege to go in and out. When do you ever get to do that at a fest?

Overall I had an awesome time.


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