This year’s FYF Fest was two days! Every year I’m so pooped after one day… On Labor Day I was only up for four hours and then went back to bed until the next day.
Free water if you brought an empty bottle. It’s fountain water, but if you’re a diva about it then go buy it instead. It was room temperature and not the best tasting water.
There was a booth where you can pick up plastic bottles and claim free FYF/Sponsored items like tShirts, laptop cases, iPhone cases, etc. What my bf and I did was we found simply 7 empty bottles on the floor and claimed a free ICE TEA! So much better than paying $4 and we were doing some good and picking up trash for FYF xx
Metro was basically free and parking there was free and it dropped me off right on Spring. The Gold Line was so close you can here whatever is happening at FYF once you leave the train. Saving gas and $20 $$$
THE BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My top favorites: King Khan and the Shrines, Glass Candy, Desaparecidos, and Refused
There was a couple meet n greets for comedians and bands at the little booths. I met Eric Andre!
Speaking of Eric Andre, I was hugged and kissed by the naked Eric Andre. Funny part was my bf thought that was so cool hahahaha. So Funny catch him on adult swim if you don’t know who he is.

EXPENSIVE for you.
^^^ But all those make what FYF Fest is so I’m cool with it.

FIDLAR always opening with Cheap Beer. For sure they got some new fans from FYF Fest. I wish I was able to hit the mosh pit but I had my precious camera with me.
KING TUFF I love him! He makes me wanna dance dance. 
COMEDIANS Neil Hamburger, Leo Allen and ERIC ANDRE SHOW!!
Eric Andre Shows special guest was Octomom. I have proof in my Gallery below. She’s fkin weird.
FUCKED UP was intensay. My throat began hurting and the pit was so intense security made all media people leave after only one song.
WARPAINT was awesome in the shade, sitting down.
SLEIGH BELLS made the crowd move like crazzzzy
M83 was simply epic
THE GROWLERS are always weird. Tiff loves that Beach Goth Grooves
REFUSED AHHHHHHHH Words can’t explain.
LOVELY BAD THINGS was a great way to start my morning of DAY 2
WHITE FENCE but no Ty Segall 😦 I was hoping he’d pop out or something
JOYCE MANOR got girls and boys singing their hearts out
CEREMONY barely any old songs but it’s cool to see old fans and new fans two step
KING KHAN AND THE SHRINES are one of my favorites. So much dancing and I brought out my little  maraca
AESOP ROCK wasn’t too exciting as I expected to be, but cool to see him live. I just expected too much.
LIGHTNING BOLT first time hearing and seeing the band and they were so cool.
GLASS CANDY my favorite of the weekend. But that’s just me being a party fiend
DESAPARECIDOS got me to turn off my camera. Awesome dudes
but I also saw BEIRUT and TURBONEGRO


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  1. Great photo set!

    September 10, 2012 at 8:13 pm

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